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Imagine driving down a serene country road, soft music serenading the scenery and a lullaby-like gentle breeze. And then, without much warning, there’s a roar from somewhere. It turns into thunder and from the horizon behind emerges an absolute monster of a vehicle that makes your rear-view mirror tremble.

If you think you know everything about cars, read on. We are happy to present you Apocalypse – one of the best 6×6 jeeps. With a vision in mind, Apocalypse Manufacturing sought to create a vehicle that could survive the end of times. Apart from the six-wheel-drive layout, it comes with massive tires, an active suspension system, and a cabin filled with modern tech features.

  • Hellfire
  • Doomsday
  • Sinister 6
  • Warlord

Bray is one of the best companies, specializes in windshield protection. New Bray Multi-layer windshield protection is the latest and most advanced technology windshield protection on the market.

Unlike old windshield protection, which consists of just one layer of material and when damaged by scratches, wipers, or power steamers, has to be completely replaced, Bray has developed a new multi-layer system that comes with a BaseSkin and an ultra-thin TopSkin which is designed to be replaced as needed. This means the BaseSkin remains on the vehicle and only the TopSkin has to be replaced for ongoing maintenance. This eliminates the expensive replacement of the complete product.

The main focus is to be able to bring the high-quality windshield protection at the best possible price without compromising on the quality and good customer service, that the consumer would expect.

Magneti Marelli is one of the world’s leading global independent suppliers to the automotive sector.

With a strong and established track record in innovation and manufacturing excellence, Magneti Marelli transforms the future of mobility through working with customers and partners to create a safer, greener, and better-connected world.

The companies’ success is built on manufacturing excellence and innovation.

Magneti Marelli deals with intelligent systems for active and passive vehicle safety, and with powertrain systems. Business lines include automotive lighting systems, body control systems, powertrain control systems, electronic instrument clusters, telematics systems, and computers, suspension systems and components, exhaust systems, and motorsport, wherein Magneti Marelli develops specific electronic systems for Formula One, Grand Prix motorcycle racing and the World Rally Championship.

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