Opus are fully loaded Campers and Caravans built to enjoy the adventure of camping while enjoying the comfort and benefits of a campervan. We have two different categories in Opus Air Opus and Hybrid Caravans.

Air Opus are fully loaded campers, and we have three different types: OP2, OP4 and OP Lite.

Air OPUS campers are making history in the camper trailer market. The perfect combination of luxury and practicality is Air Opus, they can handle the toughest conditions while also providing comfort for campers.

Air OPUS camper trailers feature the latest air beam tent technology. Our triple layer technology ensures extra durability & reliability on your camping adventures. Air beams are much stronger and requires less effort and weight.

Using Air OPUS technology, the tent canopy and annex are inflated at the push of a button, instead of doing it manually.

The OPUS hybrid caravan has a pop-up roof for more space, and an extendable rear to allow for a larger cabin interior. The Opus hybrid caravan has two different types: Hybrid Caravan OP13 and hybrid caravan OP15.

For more information about Opus Campers and Caravans please download the brochure.